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    About HENTIGO

    "Every Trend of Nature Begin With The Existence Of People" - HENTIGO

    At HENTIGO, people are our priority. We dream big and create solutions that hardly resist. We are the people who believe in people inspired products.

    We are a group of close friends who knew each other since 2018, came from various background and nature of the industry. 
    Often obsessed with the lifestyle of people in this society, we studied and explore the needs of people around the world. Ever since then, this has become our trend and our lifestyle among people.

    We aim to be the next top trending online lifestyle retailer across the region and the internet world.
     Which able to build the most customer-centered online destination, by delivering the good news of our trending products to fit our customers’ demands in different countries. Our reach extended from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia,  Asia and rest of the region.